We Offer 3 Kinds of Coaching:

Christian Spiritual Formation Coaching

Are You Stuck Personally?

Are You In A Season Of Transition in Your Life?
Have a Dream You want to Persue?
Unclear about your Life purpose?
Experiencing friction or road blocks?
Life is Too Short to Do It Alone...
You Were Created For So Much More!
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Through Coaching You Can Experience:
  • A Safe Confidential Place to Reflect
  • Awareness of Limiting Beliefs
  • New Skills to Tackle Challenges and Opportunities
  • Aligned Passions, Stengths, and Goals
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Confidence to Move Forward Bodly
  • Stronger Relationships
  • A Deeper Faith
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We Know What It’s Like.

We Have Been There

  • We are passionate about people.
  • We are passionate about YOU.
  • We are passionate about helping YOU lead and thrive 
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Deb Prieto, Experienced Executive Leader and Coach

ICF Certified Coach
Certificate in Organization Development From NTL in Washington D.C.
M. Div. and Over 20 Years Experience in Christian Spiritual Formation
25 Years Plus Experience in: Tough Turn-A-rounds, & Entrepreneurial Adventures
What Makes Us Unique in Coaching?

Our Organization Development Lense:

Work systems, relationships, and organization culture can be complex. 

Our Organizational Development Background and experience allows us to look through many lenses, beyond those of the average coach and bring greater value to you in our deeper understanding of the complex dynamics you work and live in.

Examples of Challenges We Can Help YOU Work Through:
  • Efficiency, Productivity, and Organization
  • Dealing with complex systemic and relational situations-managing up, down and laterally
  • Discerning Organization Culture Issues
  • Strategies to Manage Time and Priorities   
  • Handling Conflict and Critical Conversations
  • Developing Institutional Savvy
  • Increasing Motivation in Yourself and Others
  • Fill in Your Identified Leadership Gaps
  • Moving from "Managing" to "Coaching" Staff and Volunteers
  • Leading Change
  • Career Transition
  • Slowing Down Your Life and Soul
  • Listening to God
  • Deepening Faith
  • And So Much More...
Be Bold
Be Brave...
  • What if You Asked Different Questions?
  • What if You Reimagined your Life?
  • What if You LIved the Life You Were Made For?
  • What Could that Look and Feel Like?
Spiritual Formation/Coaching in the Christian Tradition
  • In Spiritual Formation/Coaching, best practices in Coaching are blended with the best practices of spiritual formation to meet the clients needs and goals. 
  • The powerful questioning in coaching blended with the art of listening to God creates a significant opportunity for transformation. 
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How Much Pain Will You Need To Be in Before You Ask For Help?
Be Empowered to Lead and Thrive
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Get “Unstuck”. It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Be Heard
We want to get to know you and become aligned with your challenges and opportunities
Be Empowered
We guide you through a process of powerful questions, reflection and goal setting.
Empowered to Lead and Thrive Personally and Professionally.
Get Unstuck!
Be Empowered to Lead and Thrive!
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